Inspection Services

The purchase of a home is in most cases the largest investment that you will make. When you hire Mic’s Home Inspection to examine the home you are currently living in, or a home you are considering to purchase, we will provide you an independent and unbiased examination of the home, to better your understanding and provide you invaluable information on the condition of the home.

Pre-Listing Services

If you're selling your home you may not think of having the house inspected. However, the inspection done by the seller of the home will provide buyers with information at the time of purchase of the home, which in turn can result in a faster sale.

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Pre-Purchase Services

Before you purchase your dream home, we can inspect the property to make sure it really is a dream, and you wont have any surprises down the line. Even with all the research you may have conducted as a potential home buyer, an unbiased and professional home inspection will help you see all of the facets of the home you are planning on buying.

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Infrared Thermography

Infrared cameras identify areas of temperature differences, allowing your inspector to identify areas of heat loss, water leaks and penetration, electrical circuits, missing insulation and structural concerns.

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W.E.T.T Inspection Services

Certified under Wood Energy Technology Transfer Inc. (WETT Inc.), Mic's Inspections ensures that your wood stove is up to date on all health and safety standards.

Client Services

Mic's Home Inspection strives to offer services to provide the client the greatest value possible from the inspection of their home.
We make it easy to set up an appointment, as we monitor the phones from 7:00 am to 9:00 pm, seven days a week.
The purpose of the inspection is not only to assess the condition of the property, but to assist you in understanding the nature, procedure, and maintenance needs of the various components and systems of the home.

With each home inspection, a personalized inspection report will be provided, describing the nature and results each element at the time of the inspection.

Sample Inspection Report

Frequently Asked Questions

1What are the Benefits of Home Inspection?
A home inspection is necessary to protect your investment. Only a professional, licensed home inspector can really paint a detailed picture of the quality of the home you are planning on buying and to provide you with the tools to ensure that your investment is protected. No other individual can provide you the exact condition of the home and give you the valid information that you will require to make an informed decision. We are also available to answer any additional questions you may have after you purchased the home.
2Where do you provide your services?
Based in Timmins, Ontario, we provide bilingual service to all of North-Eastern Ontario including Hearst, Kapuskasing, Cochrane, Iroquois falls, Timmins, Matheson, the Tri-Town, Chapleau and also Gogama. We can accommodate to a flexible scheduling.
3What type of payment methods do you take?
Payment for home inspections are to be made in full, prior to the inspection, by either cash, certified cheque or through E-Transfer.