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Buying a home is one of the most substantial decisions and one of the biggest investments you will ever make. Mic’s Home Inspection will offer you a clear, unbiased evaluation of a home's condition, answer any inquiries you may have, and help give you peace of mind in this exciting time.

When viewing for a potential home, we can be distracted from the important issues by the cosmetic of the home. We often get caught up with the beauty of the home that we may not pay close enough attention to the issues of the house. That is why is it very important to hire a home inspector, so he can provide you with a full inspection of the home and also provide you with an easy to read, full detailed report that provides you with the positive aspects of the home, and also the issues that require immediate or future care.

An inspection of the home you are considering will help you make an informed decision during the purchase process. It will also provide you with the information you will need for any repairs and maintenance your new home may require. A professional home inspection will allow you to buy with confidence.

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For Buyers

Even with all the research you may have conducted as a potential home buyer, an unbiased and professional home inspection will help you see all of the facets of the home you are planning on buying.

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For Sellers

he perspective that a home inspector will give you on the condition of your home can be a great asset in saving you time and money and may even result in selling faster than planned.

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